Rotary Lions Concessions

offering a full line of food service during the hill cumorah pageant in palmyra, ny.

Rotary Lions Concessions is open for the 2019 Hill Cumorah Pageant. July 12-13 and July 16-20.

Tour Information

If you or your tour includes meal planning, it is hoped that you would have at least one meal at the pageant.

Since we are conveniently located within the Pageant grounds, it means one less stop on the road.

You or your group can enjoy a dinner or snack before the start of the performance.

For Groups of 50 or More

Groups can arrange for a special menu and items by contacting the tour chairperson. Groups of 50 or more are also eligible for the Early Bird Special.

Early Bird Special

Order the BBQ Chicken Dinner before June 30, 2019
and get the guaranteed price
of $10.50 per dinner (tax included)*. Payment in full is due by July 5, 2019.

*Amounts can be adjusted at anytime.

For Groups of 25 or More

Food vouchers can be purchased for any amount starting at $10.00.

To place your order contact Tour Chairperson.